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Right, going dennyd-wards shortly, and then out all day tomorrow doing Stuff and Things; back properly at a computer on Friday morning I'd guess. So if you need me, call me.

My mother's been asking me about LiveJournal. Explaining anything internet- or even computer-based to her is like repeatedly running at a fairly old stone wall that crumbles a little more with every impact. But don't think there's enlightenment on the other side. Oh no. On the other side is "Well, it's all a bit complicated really, isn't it? I think I'll stick to pen and paper." And you went through all that for nothing. Grrrr.

But other than that today is fine and beautiful. ~smile~
I finished the housework, all of it if you please, so I'm allowed out to play now. ~g~ Well, I assume I am, I haven't actually asked, but I'm sure I'd know otherwise by now.

I'm sure nobody else in the recent history of the world can have consistently experienced this much joy at the prospect of going to Milton Keynes. ~smallkittenbounce~


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