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Don't you know that you're losing so much this time...

Well, wow. What a waste of a day.
I guess at least I have chocolate.

I shall be dancing myself quite silly tonight at Electric Dreams. Which will be good. But...grrr.

Oh well. Today's nearly over, and then it will be tomorrow, which is only really significant if you're me, but I am, so it is. ~s~

Later : Damn, that LED display across my forehead must have switched itself back on. Sigh. I thought I dealt with that over the last escapade of this kind.

Even later : I am taken back to the days in January of last year when I was reading even the things ciphergoth had written about cryptography, which I had about as much chance of understanding as a chinchilla would Jean-Paul Sartre, but I still read them.
Doing much the same now, only understanding a lot more - I guess the chinchilla started dating existentialist philosophy students or something. ~g~
Never mind.


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