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Finally got to sleep at half past five. Lovely. Oh well, I feel ok this morning, and hopefully things may wake me up a bit more later. Had very very strange dreams - paganism and Eddie Izzard's boots and mustard and kitty_goth and hatter and two dead sisters I don't have and the Biker Mice From Mars and my dad. ~shakes head~ My subconscious is such fun.

So Saturday was "Meep! Not long now!" and yesterday was "Hmm, maybe never" and today is "Not going to happen ever ever ever" but that's ok, I knew I'd decide that. Nothing is certain at the moment after all. ~s~

Bored now. Electric Dreams tonight, don't suppose anyone wants to come along but give me a call if you do, it would be nice to have dancing company. (And protection from plastered Numanoids with Phil Oakey's hair, should they happen to show up this time...)


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