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Mmm, music.

So today's chat with Kazaa has led to me owning some more wonderful things. I'll pretend you asked "What?".

'Metal' by Gary Numan, and most of the Nine Inch Nails cover thereof. I really like both versions for different reasons. Mmm, synths. Mmm, Trent Reznor's voice. Surprised as I am that NIN can cover Mr. Numan and I still like it.

'Crushed Like Fruit' by Inme, because I mentioned it yesterday and then realised I don't actually have it. They're so ickle and cute! And I really love his voice.

'Terrible Lie' by Nine Inch Nails. They played it last night and even though I've only heard it once before, if that, I recognised it immediately and had to dance, which is why I've given up and admitted they're quite good really. Also pulled down most of 'The Only Time' and 'I'm Afraid Of Americans', both Ballroom numbers from previous weeks.

'Pore' by OhGr. After months of hearing it at the Ballroom and wondering what the hell it was, and doing fruitless Google searches for any song mentioning silly putty, I gave up on finding out this song's identity.
Until zotz played it at The Calling this week.
I have never been more surprised to hear anything played anywhere. Mr Clark, I am baffled, but grateful.

'Fiction (Dreams In Digital)' by Orgy. I've had this on tape for a couple of years now, courtesy of amitriptyline, but I've lost the tape and love the song so much I figured I'd get it because I can. Some of my favourite lyrics ever.

Now, there's been a song played at Electric Dreams most times I've been there that I've loved but been totally lost as to what it was. I decided I'd go look at setlists and try to pull down the opening of any songs I didn't know, on the offchance one of them might be right - there are no setlists up for nights I've been there, so I couldn't be sure.
True to form it was the first one I tried, so I'm now the proud owner of 'Living On Video' by Trans X. Anyone who likes anything at all by Spray really needs to hear this, it's great in all the same ways. Like. Like lots.

OK, geeking over. 'm sorry, I'm just trying to occupy my time. I hate waiting and there's a lot of it to be done just now. ~s~

Later :
How beautiful. How very, sharply, terrifyingly, darkly, imperfectly beautiful.
Sue me. I went looking for photographs. The world is surprisingly full of them, once I know where to look. And now I know where to look, I don't know where to look.
In no particular order, black and blue and long and sleek and gloves and shiny and kisses and smiles and not quite smiles and chocolate and leather.
What's a girl to do?
Really really should turn computer off and sleep now. Really.
~sigh~ Hopelesskitten.


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