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Apparently the lyric quiz meme is back in town...

1. "Remember how much you used to love me - you did love me, didn't you?"

2. "Shadows on the cinema wall, could be mine but I'm not that tall..."

3. "Leopards dancing in my paradise..."

4. "Much more than I oughter, I loved you like a daughter..."

5. "Do you believe in love and devotion?"

6. "You know they wake up all wasted and they never ever check those two small holes in the side of their neck..."

7. "See, if I was in your blood, then you wouldn't be so ugly."

8. "I wouldn't cry - no pleasure in doing it..."

9. "The more you live, the faster you will die..."

10. "She's tidied up and I can't find anything!"

1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.

'Crushed Like Fruit', Inme. I know they're ickle and Kerrang!babies and pin-up nu-metal shite but I *like* the singer's voice and I think it's very well-used on this track. But they're still nu-metal shite and it's embarrassing. There aren't *really* any songs I hate to admit I like, 'cause everyone either thinks my taste is wonderful or abysmal, but that sprung to mind.

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.

Just thinking about 'After Rain' by Oysterband does, and 'I Don't Love You Anymore' by Wolfsheim - I was going to write something else but even seeing it being typed broke me up a little, and I didn't want it staring at me from this entry.

3. Name three songs that turn you on.

Only three? But there are so many!
'Sex Dwarf', Leaether Strip
'Closer', NIN
'Obsession', Animotion
Three of roughly a hundred. Music affects me. :)

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.

'Big Area', Then Jericho
'Incommunicado', Marillion
'The Voice', John Farnham
'Visage', Visage
And apart from that last one, what an extraordinary collection of mid-80s cheesy rock. I could have said 'Kyrie' by Mr. Mister and completed the set. Eeeep.

5. Name five songs you couldn't ever do without.

There are lots, but :
'Anyone Out There', Duran Duran
'Europa And The Pirate Twins', Thomas Dolby
'Golden Brown', The Stranglers
'Precious Things (live)', Tori Amos
'Ordinary World', Duran Duran.


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