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It's good to be back in Cambridge, if a little...more difficult than expected. But I'm tired, so I'm sure I'll be forgiven the potential emotional. ~smile~
In any case, Vince is DJing tonight. Bounce. Definite bounce.

Doesn't mean I can stop thinking about any of the people who won't be there, though.

Heading dennyd-wards tomorrow evening and staying there until he throws me out or we collectively go to London, or both, I suppose.

I came up here to escape a bit but the standard bitching session with eviltwinemma was probably doing me some good so I guess I may as well go back downstairs. ~s~ I don't know, I feel like I'm hanging by a thread this afternoon/evening...I hope I'm just being my usual angsty self and not coming down with whatever Denny had over the weekend.

I did however buy The Deeper Meaning Of Liff today as something to read and, as it turned out, disturb passengers by giggling at, on the train. And I have perky synthpop stuck in my head.


God damn but I want to see him again.

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