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Since the Evil Meme has been brought back to life...

...I thought I'd do it again - because, evil as it is, I rather like it. I think most of you know how it works. Guesses welcome. Communities not included, obviously. Evil Meme II : Bored By Dawn...

I'm glad you sounded so nervous when you introduced yourself, it helped me cover up my speechlessness at being addressed by such an extraordinarily beautiful girl. Everything about you is breathtaking.

Meep! You hugged me! Ahem, um, yay. :) You're often on my mind - so much it would surprise you.

Why can't everything orange be Fanta?

I'm sure if I meet you it will be from behind a sofa. But maybe that's appropriate.

I wish you weren't always drunk when you complimented me, it's very difficult to know if you mean it or not. ...I'd like you to mean it.

How have we lost touch like this? It's terrible! I wish your life could arrange itself so that you could eventually have everything you want.

A month? Two months? Weren't we not going to let this happen?

I think we're destined never to meet again. I think if we did I'd scream at you for so long you wouldn't want to know me any more.

I don't know what you think of me any more; do you actually fancy me or are you just frequently drunk and uber-flirty?

Well, eventually one has to give up, doesn't one?

Sub-liminal messaging : Play with me. Play with me. Play with me. Play with me.

We must meet and talk again. You were damn right about that book.

I wonder if what's going on is your fault. It doesn't seem likely, but with you, I never know.

There's more to you than meets the eye, isn't there? But still, it always cheers me to see you.

What are you playing at? Just tell me, honestly, and I'll quiet down.

You won't be reading this. I love you.

I frequently think of you before I go to sleep.

It's a bad and wrong crush. But it's very definitely there. Damn your eyes!

I still don't know why you added me, but I do like you and want to meet you sometime. And people I think are cute think you're cute, which must be a good thing.

I still get twitchy around you, and couldn't be left alone with you, I'd run for the exit.

I know you less and less well. It's a shame.

I still want to meet you, I'm still kicking myself for missing you.

We must go out somewhere again. And then one day we must go out.

Oh you kid. What you still do to me. How do you find these damn people? One day I'll be the one to hurt you, and in a good way, blast it.

Even if anyone else finds the things you think weird, you should know by now I won't. Do keep talking to me.

I swear, you're more gorgeous, more beautifully tortured, eyeliner everywhere, every time I see you. Ain't it always the way?

I give up trying to understand it. But I love you lots.

She said that letting anything happen with you would be a Really Bad Idea, and she's right, but it's so tempting I don't know how much longer I can not.

Sometimes I think you flare up irrationally even more than I do. I know it seems like everyone's out to get you, but mostly they aren't. Really.

I've really missed talking to you - I hope you'll be out a bit more now.

"No". It's a word. Look it up.

One day I'll find the courage to ask you to play, but I wish you'd ask me first, damn it!

I think we could be very good friends. Keep coming out to things.

~squeak~ So pretty!

I think you're avoiding me and I don't really understand why. But I'll be here if you want to be friends again.

Yes, I love you. Just sometimes I can't remember why.

Worrying about you used to keep me up until three in the morning. Then it was missing you. Now...well, I think I preferred the other reasons.

Either it will all end in tears, or you'll get married. I'm just not sure I want to be around for either.

You, I want. I don't care what it takes or who I have to step on, I am going to get you. There was too much of a connection there to ignore it.

Hope you're ok out there. I miss you and I worry.

This is a turn-up for the books. I shall do my best to be rational. And incidentally, can I kiss you?

Not nearly enough time with you lately. My mate fancies you. But then, so do I, really.

Knowing you is being...an education. I like you lots, and we must dress up and go places.

Who are you again? Oh, yes, I met you once.

You don't know how much I want to know who you are. I feel your pain and laugh at your cynical wit and you're completely unknown to me. Tell me. Please.

Um. I. Um. Ahem. ~blush~ Y'know. ~waves hands~ And incidentally, did you leave the damn things there on purpose?

Will you ever again be at anything where I might see you? It hurts a lot to think that you may not be.

CONGRATULATIONS! is about all I can think of to say these days. :)

It sounds like I won't be meeting you again for a while, which is a shame, but I wish you luck.

You're fun. I'm sorry I've not paid more attention to you so far.

Your writing turned my world upside down.

I don't know why you added me and I'm a little jealous of you, but you seem lovely, and *very* pretty, so...

Oh, my dear, be careful. You're too young to have *that* one break your heart.

I give up.

You dress fabulously. That's about all I know.

I know, I know, trying to get you to look at me means dragging your gaze away from him, and I wouldn't dream of it. But if you move in together and decide you need a slave, I volunteer.

Zwan suck, you know.

Things still feel a bit awkward, but I love you and I wish your life came with a magic fairy wand.

Looking forward to seeing you again, you're absurd amounts of fun.

I should have told you to stop. But you wanted so much to carry on that it overwhelmed me.

If I bother trying again, it will be for your sake. Aren't I public-spirited?

I feel I've lost touch with you and that really sucks. We should meet again sometime.

We. Must. Meet. Soon. I should come up and visit, I guess. I dreamed I'd met you and forgotten about it, but I'm sure I haven't. :)

Did I do something to make you sneer at me? I didn't intend it but you've not been talking to me much.

I barely know who you are; LiveJournal is silly like that.

It's always good to know you're out there.

Um, you're fucking sexy. Are you into girls?

Something's changed in you, and it's not nice at all. I think I know what it is but I thought better of you than that.

Argh. *Argh*. It's less awkward than it might be, I suppose. But, y'know, *argh*. ...if you could...would you?

Don't go!

You're sweet, beautiful, shy, articulate, creative, and you have wonderful taste in music. I like you.

You kiss me and the world does a strange little jump. I like that, do it more often.

Wherever you've got to, I miss you lots.

We should go clubbing again sometime dear.

I should get around to listening to the music.

Things are spectacularly off the wall in your universe right now, and it's Wrong, and I hate it, but I can't do anything about it.

When I saw you last I didn't even recognise you, but you seem to like me, which is nice.

Time is fleeting. Feelings, too. What did you look like?

I still admire you for absolutely everything you do or say. You rock.

Oh, you turned my world, you precious thing.

I don't know what to say or how to say it. But I *must* say it, or I'll lose you for good, if I haven't already.

You need to come back. No really, you do.

I hope you were with that girl last time I saw you; if you were with someone it would make me much more comfortable around you.

There are all sorts of questions I want to ask, but they belong in the past, really. And it wasn't you I wanted to ask them of anyway.

I suck and am hopeless, which is why I haven't met you yet, I'm sorry.

Not tonight, I'm washing my hair.

I've been told to say this : Come to Whitby!

We must meet. And then, we must stalk.

Could you manage not to get drunk and letch at me sometimes?

Every time I think I've got to the point where I can just laugh at you, I start to understand again.

I'm so glad you found each other.

You make your own choices in life but you have to deal with the consequences. I'm learning that, and you'll have to, as well.

You always make me smile.

Why me? But I like the way you write.

You've been quiet lately. Be patient, yes?

It was really good to see you the other weekend, you're such enjoyable company and it felt like we were friends.

You seem to have disappeared, but I can't claim to mind all that much.

Everything seems to be happening at once, doesn't it? I'll try and remember to do the decent thing, but sometimes it's hard.

You're always right, and I'm usually upset about nothing. Thank you for your efforts to keep my feet on the ground.

The thoughts I'm having don't seem like my own. I could never tell you them, but I'm sorry for even thinking them. Men just have such good taste in you.

Oh, are you still here? Door's that way - don't let it hit you in the arse on the way out.

I never know quite what's about to happen but I love it that way. Thank you.

I don't know or understand you, but I hope I will do one day.

Stop making things sound like the end of the world. Stop convincing yourself that they are. It makes you ignore some very good things in your life.

Maybe I was a little bit mistaken. But you are pretty.

I cute, you cute, he (she or it) cute. Could we not do something about this sometime?

Why, why, why do you not live in this country? Do you know how much havoc we could wreak on the record shops?

I wish I'd let you go on, but if I had, I'd have taken your arm and kissed you. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted that, though I'd have quite liked it myself. ~s~


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  • (no subject)

    So I was just thinking, ugh, I'm too crazy to post another song, why would I even bother anyway, when I was suddenly reminded of a track I had on Now…

  • (no subject)

    You know when everyone is going crazy about a book, or a film, or a band, and you just get sick to death of even seeing it mentioned, even by people…

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    Well, clearly I'm not going to manage to post a song every day, because for the last...what is it, like, six? I have kept trying and then deciding…