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This particular black cloud is really starting to annoy me now. I've got no real reason to be feeling miserable and yet I'm the most generally down I have been for a couple of months. Bah.

I hope the party on Saturday can kick this, and won't make it worse. Awful memories of the Hallowe'en party keep coming back to, er, haunt me, and I really don't want this one to be the same. (Bizarrely, the Hallowe'en party failed to perk up even when I had one of the most gorgeous men ever to be born ever sitting beside me, dressed as a vampire, telling me I could have anyone in the room I wanted. This wasn't true, since at the time I wanted someone who had only just very kindly told me he wasn't interested, but I keep kicking myself for not turning round and saying "Oh really?" Damn it.)

Sorry, just thinking aloud-ish. Well, the thoughts seem very loud in this very empty house. It's just me and, somewhere, a rather large spider trapped in a plastic bag...


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