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Apparently, it's Easter.

Clearly not any kind of Season Of Goodwill, which is probably just as well, really. I can't manage much. Being at home is sort of like that. (Knowing other people are where you'd like to be is sort of like that, too. Sigh.)
However, in my absence, mum has got hold of Sky. So I have music television to hide in. This is good.

I don't like the way lots of things feel at the moment. There's tension and upset everywhere - really, everywhere, I feel it whenever I turn round. I hope it passes soon.
And I've sent a couple of texts, and then when there was no reply an e-mail, to wechsler, and had no reply, so, kitty, I didn't think I'd done anything to make you mad but if I have please say, although of course you're probably just busy. ~s~

I hope your Easters, or whatever (if any) other festival you're celebrating around now, are Happier than mine.

Meanwhile the Evil Evil Meme Of Doom seems to be suffering a small resurgence, making me think that maybe I should do mine again - my life, and my Friends list, have undergone a lot of changes since December.
Mind you, it probably wouldn't do much to eliminate the general tension, now would it? ~s~

In other, much more mundane news, I don't understand for one moment why Q!TV, who are having a Madonna Week, can only show Justify My Love and Erotica after 10pm, but can freely run Hanky Panky at any hour of the day. World strange. Censorship incomprehensible. Film 11. Queen Anne dead.


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