DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Run away, run away, run away and save your life...

It's just about got to the point where I'm so upset about Denny and Wechsler that I want to leave London, go home, and never speak to either of them again. This is absurd! They're two cute guys who have feelings for one another, it's practically the last six years' dreams come true, and all I can think is that it hurts so much that it would be better if I never saw them again.
And Karen's worried enough about moving to London that I should just back well away from Wechsler anyway so that they can reaffirm relationship security and blah blah blah pancakes.
I'm going home tomorrow. Maybe I should just stay there for a while. My parents would be glad, anyway.
If Denny and Wechsler have found one another after finding me, then they're obviously bored with me and need to be left alone to have fun together, rather than having me tagging along and whining at them for attention. Oh, I've been here before.
None of it's right, but I want to run away as far and as fast as I can.
While I can.


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