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Him : I want to get drunk tonight.
Me : Why?
Him : Work. It's just...it doesn't matter how much of it I get done tomorrow - the next day there'll be another lot, exactly the same. *sigh* Work sucks.
Me : I know.
Him : *laughs* "She left me roses by the stairs..."
Me : Well, it's too late to go out and get roses now, but because I care I can *not* get you roses, and then there will be some more roses out there still living, just for you.


H : What...how did he get to be that way?
B : People have different ways of dealing with the demons that haunt them.
H : I know, but -
B : His was to make bigger demons of his own.

Tonight has been...cold, quiet, cruel. I couldn't think why, but of course it's my first night in an empty house for more than a week.
There was more, it was 'Marian' by the Sisters Of Mercy and 'Beloved' by VNV Nation and it was all a bit too much and I am so tired. And I will sleep, soon, but I'm so alone; not even people upstairs talking, not even people downstairs watching TV, not even people in the next room making unnecessary amount of noise. It should be blissful to be alone, but waking up with someone is addictive, you know.

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