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Oh. Morning. When did that happen?

Well, mostly it happened while I was not being able to sleep, again, here. (Unable to sleep? Here? Whatever could be the reason for that? Well, quite. Yes, this time it's almost funny.)

Calling last night was, um, painful. My feet still hurt lots from Saturday night's boots, and the music made me cry, and the people.
olethros is lovely and wonderful though.

"Well, to speak with perfect candour, Cecily, I wish that you were fully forty-two, and more than usually plain for your age."

Oooh, look, lots and lots of Whitby galleries. I should really be leaving the house and heading for the station right now, but...but...Whitby photos...
(Later : Oh, fluffymark...? Ahem. ~grin~)
What, me, stalker, never.


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