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And today, I must try for that productiveness thing.

Meep! I leave for Cambridge tomorrow morning! I haven't packed! And things.
All my cases are, fortunately, possessed of that wonderful black-hole quality of Mary Poppins' carpet bag, so I've no worry about everything fitting in a case and a bag, but still. Eeep! Whitby!

I can't believe I'm actually going.

I've spent the last year meeting most of the people I wanted to meet; unless $IrishGoth is there, which is only half-likely, I think I've met or seen everyone I've ever stalked. ~grin~ I won't know what I'm doing from one minute to the next, but some people have promised to look after me; I hope they will, 'cause I'm really quite terrified. ~smile~

Anyway. Must go and Do Things. And try those wretched boots on again and see what they'll go with.

And, um. I'm sorry, wechsler. Meep.

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