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Truly lovely evening/morning with wechsler; left me feeling much loved, wanted, and, erm, bitten. ~grin~
It's all a bit "just when you thought things couldn't get more confusing..." with him, but goodness knows it's all good.
~grins more~
You're right, you know, kitty, eventually you're going to be in so much trouble.....but not just yet. ~s~ ~happy miaowing~

Yesterday with duncanneko was very good too, and resulted in the buying of some music (Haysi Fantayzee's album! Wow!) and a Book Full Of Cats (expect a couple of new LJ icons popping up somewhere).

Cat-tired (as opposed to dog-tired) now, and as my previous engagement has decided he vants to be a lawn tonight, there will be [caffeinated beverage] with giolla this evening instead, so I think I shall spend most of the day asleep if that's quite all right with everyone. ~s~

Oh, and much to my general amused embarrassment, it turns out the girl who drew my attention at The Calling, to the point where I nearly went over and asked her to dance (before noticing she was with The Guy Who Danced To Every Single Song, anyway) was, erm, coracaskia.
You may laugh now. ~g~

Just to get a general idea, who's doing B-Movie tomorrow? There are some things I need to give some people and I'd like to know how many of them to bring, and stuff. ~smile~


Later : Note to self : Some things are important, and it's occasionally a good idea to remember them. D'oh.
Yes, for god's sake, even if it means keeping a *chart* or something. Just. Remember. Ok? Good.

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