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Stuff, and things.

Well, things got better, from the point where I last posted. (I went and lay on my back on the spare bed, repeatedly hitting the back of my head against the windowsill, until my brain shut up already...~g~)

Yesterday went 'shopping' in Camden with ladycat and rosenkavalier and accidentally ran into a kitty_goth, a feanelwa, and sundry other Gothic Types.
Running into Kitty at any point tends to occasion the words "Pub; Beer" to be said, so of course we ended up in the Dev.

Things happened which meant I didn't meet duncanneko until later, and I feel terribly guilty for messing him around like that, but he says it's ok so I must stop apologising. And in any case, the things that happened were good.

"Remember that you felt alive sometimes..."

And I seem to have somehow acquired another boyfriend, in neko form. Neko form currently asleep on my spare bed. Mrow.

~sigh~ Two down...~shakes head~

Heard nothing yet from wildeabandon or dennyd. Very nervous for them. Meep.


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