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Bored enough to do...

[Spell your name backwards]
Ylime. (Because it's got citric acid in, y else?)
[The story behind your LJ user name]
Duran. Anorak. Go figure.
[Are you a lesbian?]
No. I fall for and am attracted to people, not men or women.
[How old?]
Me? 18.
[Where do you live?]
[4 words that sum you up]
Emotional, loving, broken, submissive.

I have a Duran Duran wallet - it's blue with a very approximate version of the Rio picture on the front that looks less like the Nagel painting and more like Robert Smith after a drunken attempt with the lipstick.
Black with a silver handle.
~laughs~ Black with a silver handle. Not a bloody goth.
[Jewelry worn daily]
I took the kittenonachain off on Friday night so I could wear a collar, and haven't put it back yet, but otherwise, that, and my watch.
[Pillow cover]
~shrug~ Black and white. Or pink, with the other set of sheets.
I don't own, and have never owned, a blanket.
[Coffee cup]
Or a coffee cup.
...or sunglasses.
Right now, blue satin with lace.
Boots! :)
I tend to keep everything in my pockets. I have a very pretty black snakeskin bag I should use more often though.
[Favorite pants trousers]
The plain black ones that fit. I very rarely wear trousers though.
D&G something-or-other. Don't wear it often.
[CD in stereo right now]
Mortiis in here, and a casette of the Lost Boys soundtrack in the other room.
None. Yet.
One in each ear. And no more, ever, anywhere, ever, ever.
[What you are wearing now]
Black skirt, black top with floaty sleeves. It was that or walk downstairs half-naked again, and there are guests in the house. ~s~
Long, dark blonde, wavy and occasionally ringletty, somewhat unruly but rarely actually bad.
Last night's sparkles, I expect.
WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -
[In my mouth]

...~laughs~ The bitter taste of disappointment. (Who or what? Honestly.)
[In my head]
Opera things from both Der Rosenkavalier and The Cunning Little Vixen - saw both this week.
I'd just shut up last night.
[After this]
A day of mope, doubtless, until the neko horde arrives.
[Talking to]
My very very rarely used character of giolla in my head, actually, somewhere at the back of my mind. Not about me, though. ~s~
I'f I've listed them once, I've listed them a hundred times...knives and other sharp things, canes (of a walking and sword- variety, not like in school), blood, leather gloves, shiny boots (to an extent), asphyxiation, mind control, and blah blah blah others.
[If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]
I don't know that I could do it. Even as revenge I'd rather what I did was very serious damage.
[Person you wish you could see right now]
wildeabandon to give her hugs, dennyd to be held, and [Unknown LJ tag], just, sooner.
[Is next to you]
Nothing. I am alone! For all eternity! Yeah.
[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]
The Calling on Tuesday for a start - Vince will be there again, yay! And Wednesday night with wechsler. One week at a time, you know.
[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]
Public humiliation.
[Do you like candles]
Yes, but I prefer beautiful unlit ones to plain lit ones.
[Do you like hot wax]
No - I can't stand heat against my skin and it's just not even slightly pleasant. Was fun trying though. :)
[Do you like incense]
[Do you like the taste of blood]
Not as much as some people I know. I prefer looking at it and letting it run, but I suppose if you don't want it on your carpet...
[Do you believe in love]
Yes, of course.
[Do you believe in soul mates]
Sort of. I know I found mine, and that he found his elsewhere. But perhaps there's another. And in any case, I'm not sure most people aren't better off *not* finding them.
[Do you believe in love at first sight]
No. I believe in I-want-to-fall-to-my-knees-and-do-anything-you-say at first sight, and love at first conversation, though.
[Do you believe in Heaven]
Probably not.
[Do you believe in forgiveness]
Well, it exists in the world, so, yes. There are things I can't seem to forgive, though, just as there are things people can't forgive me for.
[Do you believe in God]
[Who is your worst enemy?]
Probably myself, yes.
[If you could have any animal for a pet]
[What is the latest you've ever stayed up]
I stayed awake for Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday a while ago. I'd rather not have to do it again, but if it's what it takes...~sigh~
[Ever been to Belgium?]
Yes. :)
[Can you eat with chopsticks]
[What's your favorite coin?]
50p. Though I like our £2 coins as well.
[What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]
Brighton, Cambridge, Chicago, New York, Vienna.


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