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There was a certain amount of confusion yesterday over where we were meeting, but eventually ended up meeting ladycat, rosenkavalier, moomintroll and someone I didn't know for a really very good lunch near Covent Garden.
And thence to the opera, which was quite beautiful, if suffering somewhat from an English translation. I do wish they wouldn't.

But it was good, and pretty, and very odd not looking up and seeing my mum. ~s~

And then back to mine for a couple of hours' conversation. Well, I say conversation - ladycat would vaguely ask something, I would nervously give an answer a little longer than required, and poor rosenkavalier sat all but silent through all of it - I feel dreadful this morning, I should have shut up hours before I did. ~sigh~ Well...ladycat likes me, anyway, so having lightly impressed one out of two isn't bad. I just. Bah.
Well, they escape from me today, and I shan't at all blame them if the first half hour out of my house is spent discussing how awful I am. ~s~

And now duncanneko isn't getting here till something short of five.

This weekend is trying to redefine "mixed blessing", I think, though it's not doing it very well.


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