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Some kind of schedule-type thing

Friday 28th - Electric Ballroom with dennyd and robinbloke.
Saturday 29th - Lunch and opera with ladycat and rosenkavalier.
Sunday 30th - Graced by the presence of duncanneko.
Monday 31st - Ditto, hopefully find time to visit the bank, even more hopefully caffeinated beverages with giolla in the evening.

Tuesday 1st - The Calling in Cambridge. Free during the day if anyone wanted to see me.
Wednesday 2nd - Still Cambridge, also free during the day, evening at wechsler's (I hope?).
Thursday 3rd - Probably back to London, unless anyone else wants me to go anywhere else. :)
Friday 4th - B-Movie in London with a bunch of gothic reprobates.
Saturday 5th - Free, but with a dennyd crashing here in the evening.
Sunday 6th - Elektrofest. (I think.)

Then nothing 'til the following Thursday when I'll be getting a lift to Whitby with wechsler (hopefully). God knows what then. ~s~ Really should speak to fluffymark and find out what's going on.

Anything I've left out, or got wrong, or...?


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