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Damn mhw and imago for continuing in their evil campaign to drag me back into HP-dom!
I'm already involved with their characters, I really feel for Draco and desperately want to know more about what's going on in his head (or even who; who would be good, as well) and as for Blaise...

I've always loved Blaise. When Blaise first came into my head he was mischief and dance and slender and beautiful and wicked and fun and he was the only person who'd listen to Draco. He's been one of my most cherished characters. And now someone's made him even more wonderful. How everyone isn't jumping on him I just don't know. ~g~

~sigh~ Sorry, just geeking about muses, or musing about geeks, or, something. ~s~

Later :
(I'm sorry mhw, I hope you don't mind me discussing it like this. If you do, tell me and this will go private.)

The beginning of the private section of his last entry.

"Oh, shit.

No robes. Gym kit. Short sleeves. My arm..."

And then reading the next paragraph of course I remember that it's a question of the Dark Mark and that, but for a moment it brought me back so sharply to two things - one, my own thoughts at school a few times, and two, this thing wot I wrote. There was a sequel, set in term time, where Blaise walked in on him. It was beautiful. It got lost when I left school. ~sigh~

I want very, very much to chat with mhw's Draco, or imago's Blaise. Really, really lots.



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