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Pot? Kettle. Kettle? Mr. Pot, on your left there. Now...shake...

~shakes head~ "I'd hate to have the kind of mind that causes cryptic posts like yours", he says, and then turns out something like that. Well, there you go.

In other news, I'm just...chirpy. At the moment. ~smile~ I don't know why, quite, since my parents are here and that should make things unbearable, but actually it's been sort of fun. (And, you know, vampires, on video. Yeah.)

And there are too many people on my Friends list who know too much about things of which I would never be able to grasp the faintest thread of comprehension. It saddens me a little, knowing that even if I asked them to explain, I still wouldn't understand what they were going on about.
But then, some of them are hopeless with people, which I'm quite good at. ~shrug~ I suppose you can't understand everything.

Anyway, I have to go pick things up for mum. There should be shopping for shoes later on, and possibly even boots! and clothes. Would be good. ~s~

Love you all. xxx

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