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*More* dreams, anyone?

Perhaps one in which I meet redcountess (scene : full suburban housewife setting) and she turns out to be an absurdly rich British career woman of the kind that sent their daughters to my school?

Or maybe one in which my mother asks me to drive a car full of bits of cardboard box home for her (I can't drive) and when I get home, I'm so shocked by the sight of an extremely dead pig being dug up from the ground outside my house that I leave the keys in the car and some bloke steals one piece of cardboard box and an earring, but gives them back when I ask him politely?

Or one in which I find a song about cats taking over the world, written from the point of view of a cat-lover who starts out enthusiastic and becomes frightened - it was like something out of Sandman - and then give it to childeric to sing in a competition?
Well, quite.
I am so kicking Morpheus to kingdom come when I next see him. ~sigh~

E-mail's down again, by the way, so please call me if you need anything, or indeed post to LJ - but calling me's safer.

Everything crossed for deliberateblank this morning. ~worried~


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