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"Have I got the news quiz that was". And the evening that wasn't.

Went to watch The News Quiz being recorded, with missfairchild, who is, quite simply, utterly wonderful. Alas no Jeremy Hardy, but his replacement was Phill Jupitus, which more than made up for things in my book. It was funny. I laughed. So did everyone else.

Went out for one drink which turned into a few more which turned into meeting some other people for a couple more. I'll post about this at some point.

Got out to find a text message from dennyd saying I was too late to talk to him - five minutes after he sent it. Got home twenty minutes too late. It's not fair, and I wanted to talk to him, and I'm going to cry now. And the next bit's in italics because it's irrational - Those of you who would like to latch on to the fact that I mentioned dennyd's name in the context of unhappiness and gloat, feel free.

Food, then tears, then sleep. Tomorrow a lyric meme awaits me - wow, something like that to look forward to, my life rocks so hard, or, er, not.

Later : And tacohell has taken me off her Friends list; I've reciprocated as I'm usually fairly unable to read someone's posts without leaving comments and I imagine this indicates that she doesn't want any contact at the moment.
I respect it but it's such a shame, she's so lovely.
Nevertheless, I've been there myself, so...

Life is not pretty just at the moment. And there's a war on. And I cancelled my meeting with giolla and hell, what if it all ends in the middle of the night and I never got to be friends with him again?
Time to sleep, I think, these thoughts are hopeless and unfounded and, well, silly. And I'm so tired. And besides, it *is* the middle of the night and I'm still here.


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