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It's Sunday afternoon, you're bored, what do you do?

~* General *~

Age: 18. I'm so young! :)
Gender: Female.
Sexual Preference: "I draw the line at goats."
What one thing would you most like to be doing right now?: Cuddling asrana.
Can you drive?: No.
Favourite Animal: Miaow?
When was the last time you were in hospital? What for?: Other than accompanying other people, it's been *years*. Actually it's been years anyway.
Tell me a secret: The ones I have aren't mine to tell.

~* Sex and love *~

Are you or have you ever been in love?: I...yes, and yes.
Have you ever had sex? (explain if necessary) If not, is that by choice?: "Explain if necessary" - thank you. I genuinely appreciate that. :) I've tried a couple of times and given up; I'm still hoping that I'll suddenly understand the point of it, but I doubt it, frankly.
Is sex better when you're in love?: I've no idea. For me, I doubt it, but it's probably not worse either.
What's your sexual fetish?: Knives and other sharp things, blood, certain songs, gloves, asphyxiation, mind control, blah, blah, blah.
Where is the weirdest place you've "done it" (location, not body cavity): The weirdest place I've done anything is in a shop window by the board covering the space a shop window used to be. I've never done 'it' anywhere more interesting than bed. Yet.
Is kissing better with or without tongue?: Without, without, a thousand times I say without. Really.
Where is the best spot to kiss you?: "Best" from what perspective? Probably my hands, anyway. I fall apart when people do that. :)
Ever gone down on someone?: No, and I don't intend to. Sort of.
Most embarrassing/disturbing sexual moment: If you don't know, you don't need to know.
Do you regret losing your virginity? (in general or to that person): I'm not actually sure I technically *have*, but anyway, assuming I have, no, not at all. There's no-one I'd rather have been with.
Does/did taking the sex section of a survey annoy you because it rubs your virgin status in your face or assumes you aren't one?: ~tilts head~ Not for those reasons, but occasionally it annoys me when really *really* stupid questions are asked or they refer to "sex" as "it".

~* Friendship *~

Who is your best friend?: asrana.
What one word best describes your friends?: Intricate.
Would you die for them?: Certain of them. And, yes, live for certain of them, too.
Would they die for you?: I think one or two of them *would*, actually.
Are they mostly online or offline friends?: Both. Both at once, that is.
What's the best thing a friend's ever done for you?: Eh. Been themselves. That's why they're my friends.
How loyal to your friends are you?: Occasionally beyond the point of sanity. Far, far beyond the point of sanity. ~s~
What's the worst thing a friend's ever done to you?: ~sigh~ Never mind. They know.

~* Mental Health *~

Any mental disorders? (official or self diagnosed): Nothing official so far, no. There's a certain amount of evidence for depression or psychosis of some kind.
Are you crazy?: Um. Yes, a little.
Have you ever felt so *wrong* that you just want to do something illogical to yourself to try and feel ok again?: Was that "do you self-harm"? Because if it was, that's not how I see it, really.
Do you ever find yourself crying, but you don't know why?: Yes. But I usually know why.

~* Body Image *~

Your general opinion on your body: Getting less and less disparaging. Mainly thanks to dennyd.
How does it stand up to everyone elses opinion of your body?: It's been *formed* by everyone else's opinion. ~shrug~
Any eating disorders?: No, never.
Best feature: My hair and my eyes.
Worst feature: Just about everything else.
Would you ever get cosmetic surgery? (ignoring expense): I don't think so, I don't have anything *correctable*, exactly.

~* Entertainment *~

[skip questions I keep answering in surveys]
Is the book always better than the film? Absolutely not.
How do you entertain yourself?: LJ! And music. And TV. And LJ.
Favourite fictional character: Still Silk. ~hugs Silk~
Ever gotten a crush on a fictional character, even though you know they're not real?: All.The.Time. Seriously.
Where do you waste most of your time online?: Right here. :)

~* Food *~

Favourite food: ~shrug~ Food. It's food.
Do you eat meat?: Yes.
What food do you most crave right now?: Really good vanilla creme brulee and someone to share it with.
Favourite flavour of ice cream: Anything that's not alcohol or chocolate-based.
Best place to eat: The Thai near our house in Sussex. Wonderful place.
Most disliked food: Can't eat peppers, courgettes, aubergine, mange tout or sprouts. And liver. And kidneys. ~shudder~ Oh, and onion; can't stand onion.
Alcoholic beverage of choice: Champagne. But, no.

~* Clothes *~

Favourite item of clothing: Long black skirts are wonderful.
General description of your style: Er. Concealing. ~s~
Colors you can't stand to wear: Yellow and orange. Two colours that should never have been allowed to exist.
Any piercings? Any other accessories you always wear?: Just my ears, and, currently my kittenonachain goes everywhere with me.
Favourite shoes: Boots! :)

~* Morals *~

Do you litter?: I leave things on trains sometimes, but otherwise, no.
Is stealing wrong?: Yes, but I have usually found some way of rationalising it if I've done it. Doesn't make it right though.
Ever killed an animal?: Only small insects and spiders.
Would you cheat on your bf/gf?: No. But there is an extreme thrill to being the one someone else is cheating on theirs with.
Would you buy alcohol/cigarettes for a minor?: Never.
Can you cross the street when it says "Don't walk"?: Er, yes, and I do, sometimes.
Ever been convicted of a crime?: No.
Ever hit someone you love? Did you regret it later?: Yes, and yes, immediately.
Would you kill someone if you though they deserved it?: Yes. Though I think it would break my mind afterwards.


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