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Look! It's Friday! I made it!

Another week over, and that sort of thing, though I've no plans for the weekend. But, B-Movie tonight, BOUNCE! ~bounces frantically~

And it cheers me to know that there *would* have been plans for this weekend, had not fate done that intervening thing it so often does. But. Soon.
Soon, staring someone in the eyes for minutes and minutes thinking I want you I want you I want you I want you I want you. Soon, my head full of so many things I want them to do to me that I don't know where to begin telling them. Soon, giving the most precious thing I have to give. Soon.

And amidst all that pretentiousness I noticed that I'd typed "soon" as "spoon" twice, so I think it's about time to stop being a big goth blouse and do some 'work'; today I shall be updating the online record of my music collection. Because I can. And because I think robinbloke should probably see it.

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