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You know who you are.

~smile~ At least something seems to be doing an approximation of going right.

It's dark. And gorgeous music is playing at me. And I am loved. And wanted.

"Please don't go
I'll say the words you want to know
Brushes so close I almost felt your soul
I don't know
So wrap your hands around my throat
Squeeze so tight, you never let me go

And the masquerade is through
So wipe the blood off the porcelain
Stand up for what you swear you love so much
Stand up

I'll never breathe again
We'll see how long I hold my breath forever
And I'm never going to come back up for air
I didn't think you'd care..."


"your smile makes my days end so soon.
sun can turn to night.
watch it set in a daytime sky.
time heals. wounds are open wide.
the candle has burnt yet I've never felt so alive.
when the two of us are together, god knows we'll be alright"


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