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More ff.net rambles.

+ "blue orbs"?? You have to be kidding.
+ Does it really have to be said that I [heart] Chris Kirkpatrick?
Thought not.
+ Mind you...I love Chase as well. (Yes. I'm allowed to call him that. Humour the madwoman, k?)
+ ~realisation dawns~ I'm going to be 'NSync again, aren't I? Oh. Dear.
+ Hate that even bad stories can make my heart twist. Sigh. Love fanfic. Sigh.
freakin' internet so slow so freakin' slow grr grr grr
+ Squeeee! Justin did a *clever* thing all by his selfsome! ~many giggles~
+ OK. Not a bad story. Um...not at all, in fact. Oh...angst! YAY angst!
+ Gah! Except the phrasing! "blue orbs", "the brunette", and now "the older man"??? Eeeeeee....
+ But Justin, my pet, the wall's got more brains than you...~ggls~ Sorry. Eep. JC's gonna slaughter me now.
+ Tee hee hee. Hee hee. Hee hee hee hee. The thought - just the thought of Justin managing to say the word "orgasm" without either cracking up or blushing and stuttering. No. Not gonna happen. Tee hee hee hee...
damn the school internet growl growl growl
+ Eeep! I mean, I see the potential for many more parts, but...gah! I bet this story's not finished yet and I'm going to be left going "Nooooo...wanna know...." all night...meh.
+ Gotta love Chase when he's a lunatic...~ggls~

Ahh, hell. There are five more parts and I have to go to bed. Gah.

Night all!


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