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Proper Calling write-up.

Went there with wechsler, although lost the pleasure of walking in with him (never mind) because I was talking to zotz, for Not Nearly Long Enough. This seems to happen every time I talk to him - we manage a few sentences of the "how are you?" "oh, you know, surviving" variety, and then drift off.
I must do something about that. ~sigh~

Then proceeded to get upset by a few things, although I had a chat with valkyriekaren and sorted one of them out, which was good. I'm glad I felt enough self-worth to mention it to her; a few months ago I'd just have suffered. Heh.

ciphergoth was there, looking really quite perfectly beautiful. He does this.
[Insert "not fair, damn it, stronger than you think" rant here.]

Got scritched lots, as usual, by duncanneko, and purred in his direction much. Was also stroked by aiwendel and olithered. Lovethemsomuch. And things. ~happysigh~ ~fluff~

Talked a little with giolla, because I've been missing talking to him a lot and I wanted to suggest we try this being friends thing again, and endeavour not to screw it up this time. ~sigh~ I'd hoped for a more positive reaction, but I suppose he's got a point, after last time's debacle, all we can hope for is to try. It's clear he thinks it won't work though, which is a shame, as I've changed so much since last October and another chance would be sort of nice.

Cried over nisaba and Vince again, as I do. In fact every time I see nisaba now it's going to be a case of choking back tears, but many of you know how that one goes. But then Vince overdosed on sugar (no, he wasn't drunk) and was...I don't know. Uncharacteristically affectionate at/with me. Which was, well, nice. ~smile~ He's going on holiday to Tunisia on Sunday, and won't be there for the next Calling. But when he was hugging me goodbye (for the second of four times...~g~) he looked down at me and frowned and said "A whole month, and you won't see me..." in a wistful tone of voice, and I meeped.
Yes, I know, but a girl can dream. Sometimes it's all a girl can do.
And he danced with me to 'Discotheque Necronomicon' (again) and that was lovely.
[Insert truly unworthy thoughts here.]

robinbloke brought me a Pet Shop Boys CD, and despite not being in chainmail (~sulk~) was looking great as usual, and dancing to incredibly cheesy things as usual, and to Lullaby by The Cure...~smile~

grahamb DANCED! Not once, but twice (at least, though I may have missed an appearance) and *is* beautiful, whatever he says. ~s~ Was...good to see him again. I've missed him lots.

And there were people, and things, and the things were also people. I don't know...it was an odd night. But we have to feed Vince sugar more often, because it was so incredibly lovely to be spontaneously hugged by him. ~smile~

Hopefully spending some or all of today with wildeabandon. I think I'll beg to stay somewhere in Cambridge tonight, I don't want to go home yet. ~s~


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