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Calming my electrified nerves...

For I am the survey queen. And my god, but those nerves need calming.

Name: Kitten. Sometimes.
Age: 18
Height: 6'
Status: ...alive? ~g~
Living Arrangement: By myself, in my parents' house. For which they pay the bills. Heh.
Hair colour: Dark blonde.
Nail colour: Natural. I own about a hundred nail varnishes, but never use any of them.
Eye colour: Blue/grey/green, depending on my mood.

-----Favourite Clothes------
Shoes: Boots! But only 'cause I don't have anything flashier yet.
Underwear: Black satiny type things with lace. Satin plus lace is good.
Pants/skirt: I like the skirt I'm wearing now, it flares as I dance.
Headwear: Preferably not.
Jewellery: Currently, I love my kittenonachain very much indeed. ~smile~ Although I was reminded today of another piece of 'jewellery' I've missed a great deal. There's time for that another day, though.

Favourite character from a TV show: Eh. Don't really have one at the moment.
Favourite cartoon character: Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare! (He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare...) No. Really.
Programme you can never miss: There are none, any more.
Last movie you saw at the cinema: ~thinks~ Star Trek : Nemesis.
Last time you watched Columbo/Diagnosis Murder/Murder She Wrote..etc.: ~laughs~ A few weeks ago.
Do you watch Des and Mel?: No. Heck, no.
Trisha?: Sometimes. It's never as entertaining as the American ones though.
Richard and Judy?: Not since mercifully losing the crush on Richard.
Favourite Comedian: Eddie Izzard, Ed Byrne, Bill Bailey, Jeff Green(e?), and a fair few others who've passed through Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

-----A song to---
Dance to when drunk: I don't drink. However, a song which makes me *feel* drunk - 'Kiss', London After Midnight.
Fuck/Make Love/Do the Horizontal tango to: 'Sex Dwarf' by Leaether Strip (or Soft Cell, but I prefer the LS version), 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails, 'Inertia Creeps' by Massive Attack, 'Lullaby' by The Cure...
Cry to: At the moment, 'Strange And Beautiful' by Aqualung, 'I Keep Missing The Loveboat' by Spray, 'Love Like Blood' by Killing Joke, and 'Happy Hour' by Felix Da Housecat.
Commit suicide to: ...but if you were playing music you wouldn't hear the end of the song. ~baffledkitten~
Dump someone to: 'You Oughta Know' by Alanis Morissette. Hell, yes.
Beat people up to: See next answer.
Kill your enemies to: dennyd has a tape of stuff which is incredibly conducive to mass murder.
Give birth to: Er, or not?
Get angry to: 'Once In A Lifetime' by Wolfsheim, 'Kiss' by London After Midnight, 'You Oughta Know' by Alanis Morissette, 'Sunny Came Home' by Shawn Colvin...
Shoot someone to: Depends on the reason I'm doing it.
Psyche you up to rob a bank: ~laughs~ 'Bank Robber' by The Clash, perhaps? Then again, perhaps not.

-----The rude stuff----
What would you consider your sexuality to be?: Baffled. ~s~
Kissed someone of the same sex?: Yes.
Had sex with someone of the same sex?: No.
Kissed someone of the opposite sex?: Yes.
Had sex with someone of the opposite sex?: Sort of.
Perfect sexual match?: I don't think there's any such thing. There's only been a few people who I've actually *wanted* to have sex with (among many I've fancied)...but they know who they are.
Favourite body part on a partner?: Hair and eyes and hands and necks and shoulders...
Favourite body part on yourself?: My hair and my eyes. And my back, sometimes.
Age you lost your virginity?: 18, sort of.
Number of partners you've had to date?: I'm not at all sure who I'd count as that.
Favourite thing to have done to you?: Oh, goodness, it sort of depends on the person. But I love being cut. And I love being scratched. And I love being made to kneel, but only to/by/for the right people.
Favourite thing to do to someone else?: Backs and necks are undoubtedly what I have the most fun with.
Best sex you ever had?: ~laughs~ Just, no.
Had an orgasm? Yes, but never in company.
Multiple?: Yes, but never in company.
Had sex with a stranger?: No. And I probably wouldn't, though I might well let a stranger do all kinds of things to me besides that.
With a family member?: Certainly not.
Had a one night stand?: ...I thought so. But, no.
Had a threesome?: Not yet.
What's your fetish?: Oh heck, there are lots. The ones that spring to mind : Blood, knives (and other sharp things), PVC, shiny boots with heels, and the words 'whore', 'slut' and 'tart' when aimed at me. For some reason. I'm strange.
Ever posed for nude pictures?: No. Far too many body-image issues.
Done porn? (amateur or professional): No.
If not would you consider posing/being videod?: If I ever got rid of the hangups? Yes, absolutely.
Ever got naked on webcam?: ~laughs~ No, that's just too fucking tacky.

-----Life, The Universe and Everything-----
Believe in God?: No.
Believe in life on other planets?: No.
In our solar system?: No.
In Wigan?: ROFL Yes.
Take drugs?: Only caffeine, it seems to have so many interesting effects that I really don't need anything else.
Drink?: Not alcohol, no.
Smoke?: No.
Think drugs should be legal?: Eh. No.
Think smoking should be illegal in public places?: No, I don't think that at all. How would I get my clove fix in goth clubs?
Exercise?: Hardly ever.
Vegi/vegan or meateatear?: "Meateatear"? ~laughs~

----And so-----
Did you enjoy doing this survey?: It wasn't as dull as I thought it looked.
Have anything better to do?: I think sleep should happen soon.
If yes are you lying?: No. I'm all shaky and I need rest.
What are you doing next?: Probably playing Angband until I fall asleep at the keyboard.
Can I come?: You'd hardly want to watch me tiredly bashing monsters...

Heh, I must answer something different for "What's your fetish?" every time...I have far too many.



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