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And I don't know why I'm awake now, because more sleep would have been nice. But I woke up singing a song I'd written in my sleep about a pig who became a court composer, and a noisy duck. To the tune of 'Long Ago, Prophets Knew' (or 'Personent Hodie').

Which seems an appropriate sort of preface to my saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, adjectivemarcus!

1. Three books you read recently:
Sourcery - Terry Pratchett
Snow White, Blood Red - Various
Murders For The Fireside - Various

2. A character from a work of fiction you really identify with :
Jack Fairy in Velvet Goldmine. Well, it *is* a 'work' of fiction, you didn't say a book.

3. What other living things are in the room you're in?
Nothing; I don't tend to keep living things around me, I'm not able to look after them enough. Except people, sometimes.

4. Pick a card, any card.
The ace of spades. The ace of spades.
...yes, I know.

5. Dogs or cats?
Cats, of course.

6. Any addictions?
Music, reading, dancing, LJ, K, being hurt in interesting ways by interesting people, and likewise being dominated by interesting people, because they're different things of course.

7. Pick a god, any god.
Horus. And Bast.

8. Describe your spirit guide.
I don't know that I have one. And certainly I wouldn't know what it was.

9. Describe your true shape.

10. When you become king, who's first up against the wall?
Having just switched on CD:UK I can say without demur that it would be DJ Sammi.

11. "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" - Comment.
~sigh~ No. No, I don't think so. Not for me.

12. What's that warm, fuzzy feeling all about, eh?
* Curling up on the sofa with someone you love, laughing at the TV, drinking tea and being stroked.
* Dancing with friends, looking up and catching their eyes and smiling.
* Walking in cool air at night with someone you never dreamed you'd be walking in cool air at night with.
* Spending an evening laughing hysterically with your parents, reminding each other why you love each other so much.
* Looking over at five or six in the morning at the person next to you, sleeping deeply, and thinking how beautiful they are and how lucky you are to be with them.
* Telling people all the good things about them and watching them blush and smile.
(Yes, or indeed alternatively it's possible you just ate a hamster. But unlikely.)

13. Where did all the fairies go?
What do you mean, where did they go? You're clearly not looking hard enough.

14. If you were an item of clothing, you'd be...
A big and extremely dramatic black goth/evening dress. Of course.


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