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~bounce~ But, ~collapse~.

I'm *so* tired. Horrible horrible signal failures and fire alerts on the Northern line, left standing around for half an hour or so, very little sleep last night, and so on. But. I had such a lovely couple of days. ~smile~ Thank you to all involved.

And then I came back here to find a note from mum saying she appreciated my efforts to tidy up for her so much that she's left me the Spray album 'Living In Neon', which she wasn't going to give me until I'd done x, y and z things I still haven't done. So, go me, and very much go her. ~bounce~ It's such gorgeous music and so 1982 and so now and, and, and wow. And things.

I am: listening to pretty synthpop. Rah. :)
I think: I need to give up trying to hold onto a smile when reading my Friends page. There's always something.
I know: you much, *much* better than you think.
I hate: jealousy, and/or the people I'm jealous of, interchangeably.
I don't: know what's going on in my mind, but shall post about it later I expect.
I can't: get a brush through my hair at the moment.
I can: close my eyes to songs like this and just drift and calm and center.
I will: flirt outrageously at Tenebrae. No, really.
I won't: stop hoping, though I probably should.
I miss: the way giolla would immediately start stroking my hair whenever I miaowed at him.
I fear: reddragdiva. What, it's not as if he's reading this.
I feel: very very strange just now. Jealous of my best friend, again. Lonely. Loved. Lonely.
I hear: "I keep missing the loveboat/'Cause everybody is aesthetically more pleasing than me..."
I smell: home.
I crave: the ability to just be happy, without anything interfering, for be a while.
I wonder: whether I can get x, y, z, a or b to do interesting things to me. But I doubt it.
I regret: Nothing, or everything.
I love: ...you more than you love me"
I dream: frequently and very very oddly.
I long: to be back on my knees for wechsler. So I'm predictable and hopeless. So?
I care: too much.
I always: need attention.
I am not: going to watch Def Leppard tonight, for reasons entirely unconnected with their musical quality.
I believe: I should eat something soon.
I sing: often and really very well.
I smile: when I hear a song I love, when the right person slaps me, and on many other occasions.
I laugh: often and less irritatingly than I used to.
I collect: records.
I play: with just about anyone who'll take me, but sadly there aren't many.
I write: fairly illegibly, apparently.
I await: Tenebrae!
I cook: only if I can't find any way around it.
I trust: far too quickly.
I intend: to write an important e-mail soon, and to write an LJ post to get things out of my head tonight.
I search: using Google.
I look: tired. Because I am.
I shout: over music at clubs, but hardly ever otherwise.
I whisper: "I miss you" when I touch the cat I wear around my neck, because I'm a sentimental kitten.
I conquer: people who say "Oh, I could never top anyone", generally, it seems. ~g~
I listen: to anything once, if it's not reggae.
I ignore: Robbie Williams as much as I can.
I live: in a house. A very big house in the country.

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