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My other brain needs something to do...

3 people i'd like to kill:
1. I think one goes without saying.
2. I think another goes without saying.
3. Julie!

3 things i'd like to eat right now:
1. Warm chicken caesar salad
2. Garlic bread
3. (Not going to say "Nick", NOT going to say "Nick"...) Eh...crab sticks.

3 of my favorite words/phrases:
1. "That is SO yesteryear!"
2. Blah blah blah in vogue blah blah.
3. Finishing questioning sentences with a pointed "hmm?" or "HUH?" at the moment. Gah.

3 of my favorite alcoholic beverages:
1. I don't drink. Having said which, champagne,
2. Aftershock,
3. More champagne.

3 things you have to be happy about:
1. No more lessons till tomorrow morning.
2. Tasha is my friend.
3. HP movie soon...yayness!

3 things you would like to change right now:
1. ~looks down~ This CD. ~changes CD~
2. I would be able to freakin' *draw*!
3. Nick. MINE! Ahahahahaha.

3 things you seriously can't live without:
1. Music
2. Fanfic
3. Friends

3 songs everyone should hear:
1. The Duran song that's right for *them* (there's one for everyone.)
2. Europa And The Pirate Twins, Thomas Dolby


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