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There's something very wrong about being cheered up by four hours of stuffing envelopes...

...but there you go, I'm a strange and wrong sort of person. I had lots of fun. And they paid me! ~cheers~ So now I have actual food in the house and enough money to go places next week.

But, dennyd, there's no chance I can stay at yours on Tuesday because I've got a blasted singing lesson in the afternoon, of course. ~sigh~ (So no Skelliga gig either). Bah. Lessons on stupid days. What are you doing Tuesday/Wednesday night?
Actually, wechsler, what are *you* doing Tuesday/Wednesday nights? I don't suppose I could come and see you on one of them, and Denny on the other?
Pretty pretty please? (Pretty pleas? Pretty wide-eyed pleas?)

But. They paid me! For having fun! (Work did, not Denny and Wechsler. Gods, my brain. ~shakes head~)
I love that.
Actually, I've been kicking around with you bunch of tarts for too long - the guy I was working for asked me how much I wanted and I replied "Sweetie, just pay me what you think I'm worth." He didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary though. ~g~

Thank you you darlings for your sweet gestures to cheer me up. I love you all. ~smile~


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