DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

~deep breath~

~another deep breath~
No, I can't do it. And I'm so angry. And I can't talk to him. And if I do, he'll only make excuses. And I'll accept them. And that's revolting. And I feel so helpless. And...and...so frustrated because there's nothing I can do and this is just going to go on and on with me only able to talk about it to two people, neither of whom can do anything about it either, and, oh, *help*.

And I'm sitting here in floods of tears, but there's nothing that can make this better.

But I need help.
Gods. I really need help dealing with this. ~curls up~


Isn't it scary that I can make posts like this and mean every word of them entirely without the aid of illegal substances? Well, it scares me, anyway.

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