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There's a story in here ~taps side of head~ somewhere about a fairy prince, thrown into this world as an act of pure mischief by his parents, set loose among mortals, oddly misunderstanding them, trying to reflect what they think and feel but never quite getting it right. There are those of us who live on the border of reality anyway, and we can see what he tries to do, though we can't work out why.
There's also a much more dangerous piece of erotica (which is something I swore I'd never try to write anyway) that I could, I suppose, write, but could never put up anywhere. Too many of you might take it personally, and worse, one of you would be right. Besides, it would be awful. Heh.
I miss writing. I used to write all the time in school, stories, poems, letters from and to characters.

I'm really terribly unhappy just at the minute. I don't think there's much to do except try to get through it more or less intact. You weird people aren't doing terribly well in cheering me up by telling me (in my survey) how immature I am, by the way; normally it seems I can't move for people telling me how I act so much older than my age. I keep wanting to put up a post saying "If you knew what I'd gone through..." but certain people *do* know and still consider me immature, apparently.

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