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Oh, ok, it wasn't all bad.

Because B-Movie was fabulous, dennyd looked breathtaking and the fact that he was there with me on Valetine's Day was pretty damn wonderful, really.
Seeing ladymoonray, swisstone, zoo_music_girl, childeric, scatterbeetle, reddragdiva, ergotia, lilithmagna and an unexpected adjectivemarcus was great.
Dancing to terrible terrible music. Dancing to really quite good music, especially with zoo_music_girl, who moves beautifully. Brief moments of hope - later crushed, but at least they were there for a time. Meeting the second-last in the list of Stalkage I Had Yet To See (er, yes, the one I always forget about), and also meeting sushidog and missfairchild.

Saturday. The march was actually lots of fun, and I was glad to be with dennyd, alixandrea, darkgoblin, and to see feanelwa and flannelcat although they spent most of the time lost in the crowds behind us or in front of us. And whoever the startlingly funny other gentleman was who was with us, he was great company too. ~g~ I didn't catch his name. Just his bad puns.
The fact that if one strokes alixandrea's hair she melts - this must be exploited more. ~g~ The fact that...well, never mind, but Picadilly Circus probably won't ever look the same to me again. The fact that there were just so many people there, all with roughly the same ideas, sort of.

Saturday night, Slimelight. Was really good to see moomintroll and meet his girlfriend, and they were both lovely to me. Some of the friends of the above, sitting around us and making me feel like I'd stepped into "Friends : The One Where Everyone's Gay"...good fun, though, I've spent so much time around bisexuals lately I'd forgotten how utterly great it is to talk with gay men. ~smile~ No, really. moomintroll dying on me, mortally wounded by a poke from a drinking straw. Brief moment of shared bitchiness. Dancing to 'Kathy's Song'. Seeing the human stick insect again. Beng recognised by Loki. People-watching.

Sunday did pretty much suck, but being rung up by wechsler, and talking online with dennyd and wildeabandon was lovely. Thank you. ~smile~

So, yes. Bits of the weekend were good. ^Those bits. ~s~


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