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RANT. Bloody deserved one, too. Grrrr.

He was what, with whom? But I thought...oh. Heh. Of course. What was I thinking? That would have made *sense*. Forget that.

Some people don't need the worst brought out in them. Some people manage it all by themselves. I cannot believe my eyes. I wish I could explain this more - this is one post I really don't want to be cryptic, but unfortunately because of certain promises I made I can't go into any sort of detail - certainly not in a space this public. ~sigh~

ARGH. You pathetic, desperate, lying, mentally incapacitated, selfish, boorish, hopeless, manipulative little man. You look so small to me right now that next time I see you I may well just step on you. Almost without noticing you. Almost.

Please, nobody take this one personally. I know my journal tends toward the cryptic and some of you often assume things (almost exclusively bad ones) are aimed at you, but I assure you, if you're bothering to read this then you're not the guy this is about.

Later : Oh, and the wonderful dennyd found this. It's not quite the way I'd say it, but it says it admirably nonetheless.

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