DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

~sigh~ Bounciness : 0, Green-Eyed Monster : 1.

Well, maybe 2. Or 3. Or 23, even.
It was a good B-Movie - no, it *was*, it really was, but. But.
Two crashing waves of jealousy hit tonight.
Both surprised me utterly.
I had no idea you were going to be there. I never wanted to meet you.
Bloody 'Poison'. Next time that song appears I'm just going to run off the dancefloor. Out of the club, even, maybe, into the cold - anything to avoid watching someone I really like *not* dancing with me to it. And last time it meant Bad Things with a drunken K, and the time before it meant bad things not for me but for a dear friend. It is an evil song and should be stopped.
So much jealousy. I couldn't breathe. Sang out the last few lines choking through tears. It's absurd. I already know I haven't a chance, so why do I get disappointed when I don't have expectations in the first place? See, this is what your precious self-esteem does to me. It makes it so much easier to have me crushed. Maybe that's what you're all aiming at. Good luck to you.
More tomorrow [read: later today]. Tired.

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