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Left flannelcat at Waterloo at around 4, because although we went to Camden and it was pretty and there were many lovely things, I was so exhausted I could barely keep moving. This kind of thing just...wears me out.

So I got back to Elephant & Castle, and was on my way home when I crossed the path of a motorcyclist, who stopped behind me as I walked towards the corner shop. Took his helmet off.
...revealed himself to be dennyd.

Who'd stopped by 'on his way home' (well, yes, technically it is in the same country at least) to give me a hug.
I cannot, cannot express how unbelievably stunned I was, or how very much I love him, or, well, anything, really. He just...wow. Wow.

And then I get back here and find that wechsler's been leaving sweet comments in my journal and I have a Really Lovely conversation with asrana and, y'know. Meep. Someone up there loves me, but even more, several people down here seem to, as well. Meep.



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