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Was telling Miss McNair (one of my favourite members of house staff) about Nick & Simon's GAP ads this morning...had a right old laugh...yes, at their expense.

I cannot believe - and I'm sure you won't, either - that until gone midnight last night I was up reading a Virginia Andrews book and crying. At the book. She's widely regarded as the worst author in the world (as opposed to James Herbert, who's the worst author in Britain) and yet I was crying at one of her books.
The reasons I was crying are predictably sad; when the child heroine of the book finally meets a boy, he's the nicest, most charming, genuine and above all harmless guy in the world. ~waves hands in obvious direction~ He exists, too. And he isn't mine and never will be. ~cries a little~
Also, one or both of the book's young girls can do magic. ~wishes~

Last night was good, though.
I spoke to asrana on the phone - always great.
I spoke to Chris on the phone. ~cuddles Chris~
Then I went to Tasha's room and she and I and...wait for it...Jewel - yes, Jewel - sat around chatting for a good hour. Jewel seems to have forgiven me my sins. I stand more grateful for that, and my chance to apologise to Chris, than I've ever been for anything. (Except possibly my signed Ultravox album. ~ggls~ Only kidding.)

I've been ordered to visit ff.net for Jewel to see if there's any more of her beloved Deftones fanfic up. ~chuckles~ Eep.

~sigh~ ~looks over at someone else in the room~ I'm sorry...but now...every time I see you, I feel really really horrible jealous. And it's only 'cause you share the name, for god's sake! Meh.


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