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Someone on zoo_music_girl's journal mentioned a Tori Amos cover version of something, and it reminded me that 'Rattlesnakes', from her 'Strange Little Girls' album, is one of my favourite songs. But I didn't know who did the original. zoo_music_girl kindly informed me it was the great Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, so I've just kicked Kazaa into downloading it for me. I'm on dialup, so it's only about halfway through. ~s~ But.

Oh god, it's beautiful. I love Lloyd Cole himself, but the only two songs of his/theirs I've heard before are 'Lost Weekend' (which is great, but not beautiful) and 'Perfect Skin' (which wins for its lyrics, rather than its music, I think). But this is *beautiful*. I mean, it had to be fairly wonderful because the cover is so glorious, but...

It's got guitars in it, and they're making me cry.



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