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Phonecall from flannelcat. Yay! ~smile, hugs~ And he'll be visiting the weekend after next, and I'm very glad about this. Camden Will be Done. ~nods~

And then wechsler called, and, well...~purrs~ Things are good there, and they're probably just going to get better, and that's a really good thing, and I love him really rather a lot. He made me laugh, and smile, and once or twice he made me meep and cower in the corner of the sofa and look up at him with frightened-but-oh-yes-please eyes even though he couldn't actually see me. I like conversations like that. From the fairly sublime to the faintly ridiculous (trip to the wechslerfactory, anyone?) to the utterly distracting. Yes. So, thank you. I love you.

And then I came back online and glanced at my e-mail and...well, maybe I won't be regretting I sent that e-mail after all. ~deepsigh~ Some people...what they do to my life, even when they touch it so slightly...~shakes head~

And hopefully all this will be followed by a call from dj_pooka, which are always good things. So...maybe I will get some sleep tonight after all.


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