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I hate to disappoint you all, but things are actually going surprisingly well...~g~

Currently at wechsler's bouncing (on a twisted ankle) because the TV's playing The Lostprophets at me...

Thursday night was very very silly. Nemesis was very silly. The people I went with were very *very* silly. There was much sugar and too many giggles, but it was so lovely just to be out enjoying myself and I really needed it, so much thanks to all who were there. ~smile~
Went back to wildeabandon's and watched silly anime with her and deliberateblank.

Yesterday was also astonishingly bearable - spent the morning with wildeabandon, which is always good, and then left her to The Man and went back to hers, where I watched Moulin Rouge and had a Very Good Conversation with eviltwinemma. Ended up following her to the pub, as she's lovely and magnetic, and talking with her and blackmetalbaz. Yay! Much yay. ~smile~
Then went back and curled up with grahamb, which was also very lovely. I just love so many of the people up here so much.

And so here I am at the Wechslercat's house, being more kittenish than I ever am anywhere else and surprisingly perky. Yay!

So, er, sorry for being upset before. And I love you all. A lot. ~nods~


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