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Why is it always me?

Why do *I* have to have the really weird stuff happening to me? And why last night? Bah. Bah. Bah.

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night, due to a combination of meepyness and general overtiredness. When I finally got to sleep - goodness knows what time it actually was - I guess things must have proceeded pretty much as normal. I remember dreaming, a little.

And then I remember absolutely clearly looking through an archway and seeing Morpheus (from Sandman) talking to a young man dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, saying "Well, I will give you the tour, if..." breaking off and looking straight at me. He gestured at me and suddenly I was wide awake; just gone two in the morning. Not just "suddenly I woke up" but "suddenly I was awake", blinking and looking around thinking "how did I get here?"

I will swear until the day I die that that was real. And I'm so, so very glad I got to live it. But I wish it hadn't been last night, because I'm so tired.

And something's wrong with my eye, and it hurts.


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