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I just had to abandon Shooting Stars on TV - much as I adore Will Self, it really is amazing how much Vic & Bob don't belong in this decade, isn't it?

Just before I gave up, Vic & Bob asked Johnny Vegas "What's your favourite kind of shop?" and he replied "I like charity shops, 'cause they mean I can buy clohes that belonged to other people, and make my own memories."

I don't really have anything to say about that, but it made me smile, in a sad sort of way. Much of Johnny Vegas's humour is in the same vein, and it's why I can't watch him for too long.

And, note to self : The irrational response that's currently making you want to scream, cry, and cut all links with all your other friends just to save your link with one is irrational and should not be listened to.
Oh, ok, you can do the crying bit. But the rest is right out, ok?

~sigh~ Well. Anyway. Sleep now, 'cause I have to be up early. To work with small kids. Why am I doing this? Oh, yes, 'cause they pay me. Still, though. Ick.


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