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Oh, are you really?

I don't want to know where you're going to be.
I don't want to fight your convictions today.
I don't want to know that you'd look down on me
For going to see you far out of my way.

What do you do to make money: Ushering at the Wigmore Hall plus much sucking up to parents.
Do you like it: Yes, indeed I do, general public and small children notwithstanding.
Look to your left: Cupboard with lots of bags in to hide them from mum when she visits.
Look to your right: Bed with Rare Record Price Guide (out of date) on it, and open door. Also CD of opera people doing New Age nonsense singing things.
Which book has changed the way you live: 'Take It Like A Man' - Boy George's autobiography.
Have you ever left someone you loved: Yes.
Has someone you loved ever left you: Yes.
The president has asked to see you, what do you say to him: I hope you're paying for the flight - and by the way, you're doing a splendid job of fucking the world up right now. Well done.
A beautiful woman/man is over at your apartment, what music do you put on: Depends, entirely. On many things, including what they're doing here. ~smile~ If they just came to read the meter, then...
What is your favorite poster/artwork in your apt/house: Wheee, Duran posters! All over one of my bedroom walls. ~bounce~
Behind your back people call you: I've no idea, these days.
Had you an army, which country would you invade: I probably wouldn't - commanding armies isn't really my thing...

Attacks of memory coming thick and fast today. dennyd is lovely beyond belief. And still I cry.


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