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What's that sound?

Mixed evening at the Ballroom. Too many guitars for much of the music - keeps a dennyd happy, though. ~smile~ I did dance, but a combination of a migraine (which went as soon as we left - thanks a lot, you bastard gods), a twisted ankle as I went flying thanks to someone's spilled drink, and some boy who was off his pretty face kicking me in the kidneys - no, really - there wasn't as much dancing as I usually like to do. ~sigh~

It's not surprising I went flying when I did, really, as I was going mad on the dancefloor to That Song again. I'm desperate to get hold of it - but can't sing it at anyone as it doesn't have a tune, dammit. All it has is a very short bit of female wailing from time to time, and then fairly rapid-fire male vocals. And the line "takes a lot of nothing to get what you've got". Which google has never heard of.
But I want it *ohsobadly*.

The other one I want is still the one that goes "You don't have to change your mind, 'cause you're beautiful, beautiful, no matter what you say or what you do, ah, beautiful..." and sounds like some glorious fusion of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and whoever's responsible for keyboards in Assemblage 23. Bloody wonderful.
And does google know it? Does it buggery. So I guess I'll never know.

I ache all over, now - that kid did me some fairly serious damage, I think, and, ow. ~sigh~

Sleep would probably be a good thing, but I doubt it's going to happen, since what I want to do most is go into character and curl up in the arms of the complete bastard my character loves so much for some reason, and cry a little, and sleep - but that's considered churlish when you've got company of your own. ~s~

Tonight was Bizarre Couples Night at the Ballroom, as well. Won't detail now - too tired - but expect an amused post at some point. ~g~


Yes, they played 'Non-Stop Violence', *and* 'Once In A Lifetime' - we do have to go dancing again sometime, you know that, right?

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