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Who are you?

"One day see a strange little girl, look at you
One day see a strange little girl feeling blue
She'd run to the town one day, leaving home and her country fair
Just beware when you're there,
Strange little girl, where are you going?"
-'Strange Little Girl', The Stranglers

"She's been everybody else's girl,
Maybe one day she'll be her own..."
-'Girl', Tori Amos

"Daddy I've got nothing left
My life is good
My love's a mess
Daddy I've got nothing left
What can I do that's for the best?"
-'She Just Wept', Starsailor

What do you look like?

"He said 'You're really an ugly girl,
But I like the way you fly...' "
-'Little Earthquakes', Tori Amos

"Yeah the tall girl's eyes do all the talking
It's all to do with the love she wants in this world
She got long blond hair and blue eyes shining..."
-'Sad And Beautiful World', Love And Rockets, apparently. The horror.

What's your secret?

"Look at me,
You can take it all because this face is free,
Maybe next time use your eyes and look at me,
I'm a drama queen if that's your thing, baby -
I can even do reality..."
-'Look At Me', Geri Halliwell

What do you want to be?

"But I don't want to be the backpage interview
I don't want launderette anonymity
I want my handprints in the concrete on Sunset Boulevard
a dummy in Tussauds, you'll see,
I want to do adverts for American Express cards
talk shows on prime time TV,
a villa in France, my own cocktail bar
and that's where you're gonna find me!"
'Incommunicado', Marillion.

What can you do?

"If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here..."
-'All You Wanted', Michelle Branch

"You think you're in control but you don't know me babe
I can move you, I can soothe you
I can take you places in a different way..."
-'Puppets', Depeche Mode (yes, this also comes under the next heading)

What can't you do?

----really stuck here - not in an egotistical way, just can't find lyrics. Help!----

What is love?

There are a good fifty songs that spring to mind, but these two cover it pretty well -

"I'm on my knees,
I beg your mercy,
my soul is my loss,
I'm well hung from your cross,
Take me,
take me in your arms my love and rape me,
don't hide behind your rage I know you love me,
and always will..."
-'Kiss', London After Midnight

and/or :

"What a dream, I could feel everything
Silk of softnesses
Why alone? I'll be lonely with you
Do I want for diamond skies?
Will you take of me?

Not a sound; I would hear everything
Everything I hear.
Lay me down. Dance, can we?
Cast as one into the sea
Will you take of me?"
-'Take Of Me', Alison Moyet.

What is friendship?

"I came over your place today in a round-about sort of way,
Nothing holding me, just the company,
Gentle killing in the afternoon...
Don't ever try to be any more;
Michael, you've got a lot answer for;
You unlocked some of the doors to my soul.

And I don't see you for a while, thinking of you will make me smile -
You never bother me with responsibilty,
Misbehaving in candlelight...
Don't ever try to give any more,
Michael, you've got a lot to answer for -
You got me waking up wide to the world...

Trust you to get caught up in somebody's war;
You'll come out of it all in time, I'm sure -
Just remember what friends were put here for
Michael, you've got a lot to answer for,

And I know that you're going to call if you need me...
When you need me...
If you need me..."
-'Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For', Duran Duran.

Are you strong?

"I'll make it through the rainy days
I'll be the one who stands here longer than the rest
When my landscape changes, re-arranges
I'll be stronger than I've ever been..."
I'm all alone
And finally I'm getting stronger
You'll come to see
Just what I can be
I'm getting stronger..."
-'Stronger', The Sugababes

What are you afraid of?

This one I cheated myself on, because technically you are allowed to answer with any quote but I wanted to do all lyrics. But this quote answers the question best :

"Don't know what scares me most in the loneliness. The fact that it would last to the end of my days, or that I would get used to it." -Bashir in some STDS9 fanfic somewhere.

What would you do with a million dollars?

"Music was my first love, and it will be my last,
Music of the future, and music of the past -
To live without my music would be impossible to do..."
-'Music', John Miles

What would you tell the one who loves you?

Which one? Um...

"Stay by my side
And the cynics won't get in our way..."
-'Alcoholic', Starsailor.

What do you want to do?

"I want to dance all night...and fuck all day...
-'Twisted', Wayne G. I mean I don't, really, but it sounds good. Oh, I know -

"Well tie me up and hit me with a stick -
Beat me, beat me
Yeah use a truncheon or a household brick*
Beat me, beat me...

I'm black and blue,
baby I love you
Be your dog
for just one more flog
You don't hear me plead - make me bleed
Beat me, beat me...

Well use a truncheon or a cricket bat
Beat me, beat me
A good beating's really where it's at, yeah
Beat me, beat me..."
-'Beat My Guest', Adam And The Ants. *well, perhaps not. Sorry - I didn't write it.

Where do you want to be?

"Get around town, get around town
Where the people look good, where the music is loud..."
-'Sound Of The Crowd', The Human League.

Who do you love?

I love very many people - everyone on my Friends list for a start. I'd cheerfully do lyrics for all of you, but maybe not right now. So today my answer is this, which I happened to find and which made me laugh out loud :

What do you want?

"Just hold me now, just hold me now,
Say you'll stay forever,
Say the day will never come..."
-'Forever', Tina Cousins

"It wouldn't be so lonely
If only I could see you..."
-'Tell Me When', The Human League

That was *somuchfun*! ~bounces~


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