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Yes. So. CDs.

Mirwais - Production - Currently on my walkman and sounding ok, not overwhelming. But that could be 'cause Madonna's French is terrible. ~g~ In any case, I bought it for Naïve Song, which is most certainly on it and very good.

Starsailor - Love Is Here - Ahem. ~looks sheepish~ I've been slating this band for months - nearly a year now, actually. Then their last single "Alcoholic" came out and was actually not bad, and I said "oh well, maybe they're not so awful". And James Walsh is *very* pretty. And then...and then. I was in HMV yesterday, and they have listening stations, and I thought I'd just see, you know...and...I stood there crying...it's...beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Apart from the second song having the same beginning as Blur's 'Coffee And TV', all the songs seem to have come at once out of nowhere and out of something that everyone in the world shares. I am very impressed. No more slating from me. Go out and buy it.

Various - Greatest Hits Of The 80s - Well, I said 18 CDs, but in reality 8 of them were in this box which was half-price in HMV. It's not brilliant stuff, but it's a lot of stuff. Tee hee.

Jason Downs - Cat's In The Cradle (Revenue Remix) - Because I love his version of it and I love his voice and I wanted to buy something else. ~g~

King Adora - Vibrate You - Something for my angsty days. In place of Cradle Of Filth, whose album is £15.99 and so I couldn't be bothered.

Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved - Cheap in Woolies. ~g~

Bardot - Poison - Cheap in Woolies. ~ggls~

New Order - Crystal - ....yep. But it's also a very very good song.

Various - Planet Earth - Yes, another 80s compilation that was pretty cheap. It has "Searchin'" by Hazell Dean. I couldn't resist. ~g~

Kula Shaker - Hey Dude - second hand and fabulous. Always loved this song.

East 17 - Let It Rain - extremely second hand, and yes, I do have the good grace to be embarrassed about it. ~s~

Then there were the tapes :

Duran Duran - Duran Duran - Yes. I know. I now have this album, in various versions, six times over. This one was released in Greece. The cover's slightly different. Um.

Erasure - Wonderland/The Circus - I have these, too, but it was a special release with both albums so...

Lush - Scar - The packaging was cool. Ahem. ~ggls~

Bananarama - Greatest Hits - well, it was second hand and...yeah.

And finally...

The Ones - Flawless - I'd like to think I helped it get to number 7. ~g~ I LOVE THAT SONG....

Must now go and hunt for my drama file, which won't be there. Oh, and I've given Nick a journal, but since it's not particularly finished just yet, I'll leave it at that for now. ~ggls~ Oh, I need a life...


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