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~blinks at Friends page~ Whoa, must have been a slow afternoon...

Anyway, I just had a singing lesson, which was Good and Fun and not at all scary like I thought it would be. Yay!
And as I was leaving the Guildhall, I ran into Charley, the absolutely hilarious sweetheart who works where I do from time to time, and he said "Hello, gorgeous!" and kissed me on both cheeks. Yay!
And then as I walked down the road, I looked up at the ENORMOUS office block opposite the Barbican, the outer walls of which are entirely transparent, and I looked in at all the people there and I thought "you're in there. And I'm out here with the wind in my hair. This rocks."

So, well, bounce.

And, flannelcat sent me a text message in which he said "You *do* have comfort hair" - a reference to the fact that apparently he's been finding my hair all over the place since I left and it makes him smile. dennyd said something similar a few days ago. Well, at least my hair is comforting. ~smile~

And also - The Bondage Jukebox. Tee hee. Wonderful. They describe Sparks thus : "Gilbert and Sullivan take ecstasy, and really, really like it!" Hee!
And, wow, I like those lyrics. Yes indeed.


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