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[cut the whiny angst which previously occupied this space]
I'm sorry. I worry too much. And wechsler is utterly lovely (again! still!) and I have a big fluffy crush which makes me bounce.

1. Beatles or Elvis?
Beatles, but it's close, I hate them both. (Sorry, blackmetalbaz, it's just one of those things.)

2. What is your secret spy name?
Kitten. Why not? ~s~

3. When you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be...?
In order : a ballet dancer (yes, I know), a nurse (I'm squeamish), a vet (I'm still squeamish), a marine biologist (I'm frightened of being underwater), an actress (I can't act), a singer and a sorceress. I'm still closest to the last two.

4. Ever had an odd pet (anything other than dog, cat, fish, bird?)
No, although I had an imaginary horse once. Well, I stole it from a book.

5. Ever taken the purity test?
Yes - several of them. They don't really work for someone like me.

6. Is your hair colour currently your natural colour?

7. Your current celebrity crushes?
Eh, way too many to list. But the only serious crush I have right now is...not on a celebrity. ~grin~

8. Do you own any Tupperware?
LOL Not personally, no.

9. Ever re-gifted an item?
Once or twice.

10. Your favourite Stooge?
Still Iggy Pop.

11. Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
It's all the same when they're roasted and served with orange sauce.

12. Favourite game to play?
D/s-related mind games *good*.
Well, you didn't specify anything, so...

13. You do a GREAT impression of?
~frown~ I don't, really - accents are my strong point, not impressions.

14. Strange skill you have that not many people know about?
~shrug~ I've no idea.

15. The body part you like best on yourself is?
My hair. Well, it is. Quite fond of my eyes and my arms, as well, though.

16. A bad habit you have is?
Not writing thankyou letters, which I should be doing now.

17. The last concert you went to?
Mum's, at New Year.

18. Kinkiest location you've ever done it?
~smile~ I'll work on that.

19. Your favourite fast food burger is?
Not fond of fast food burgers, as a rule. They put too much stuff in them. I mean, gherkins? Why? Why, lord, why?

20. In the movie of your life, who do you want to play you?
~shrug~ I've really no idea.

21 Your dream car?
Mmm, Jaguars.

22. Your favourite comic strip is?
You know, I haven't been regularly reading one in ages..

23 Do you still have your appendix?

24. Toilet paper: rolled under or over?
~looks at question from all sides~ Huh?

25. Your favourite doughnut?
Doughnuts are good so long as they don't have jam in.

26. Favourite football team?
Please, god, no.

27. Favourite Simpsons quote:
I don't watch it regularly enough to have noticed anything that stood out.

28. Do you collect anything interesting?
No, just records, postcards, cats and badges. And jewellery, really.

29. What are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, music, music, music, music, BDSM, LJ, dancing, music, unlocking people.

30. Your favourite form of chocolate?
Chocolate good, generally. White chocolate especially. Unless it's Green&Black's.

31. Your guilty pleasure?
~smile~ Stalking, I suppose.

32. Your favourite piece of sushi?
Ick, sushi, no.

33. Your favourite way to blow £20?
5 day return to Cambridge and dancing at The Calling, or taking someone out to the Ballroom for Full Tilt, or...that kind of thing.

34. Your personal theme song?
There are many, but to this I usually answer 'Astradyne' by Ultravox. There's always 'Are "Friends" Electric?' of course...

35. Do you have any jewellery that contains your birthstone?
I can't remember what it is. Probably not, though.

36. Your favourite sandwich?
Eh...~thinks~ Things without mayonnaise or coleslaw or relish or pickle or any of those other icky things some people seem to think taste nice on bread. ~shudder~

37. The furthest place you've ever travelled to?
Australia. But I was only very very very ickle.

38. What would you do with a million dollars?
Convert it to pounds and then buy lots and lots and lots of music.

39. What is one of your life goals?
Rebuilding my heart. I'm sure it's possible. Honest.

40. Your favourite foreign language film?
I have to say, Brotherhood Of The Wolf was lots and *lots* of fun, with much pretty. ~nod~

And that made me laugh a lot. It's almost too good...
Ohhhhh. And this, too. He gets everywhere...


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